La botella de Nur. Shipments to Spain and International

How do we work and where we come?

In we have specialized in making home deliveries of flowers. You can accompany them with a different and original gift.

Message in a Bottle ( we send to Spain and International) 

It's our flagship product. It is an original way to send a message to your partner, friend or family.

  • You can write your message so that we print it on parchment or not write text and then to write by your hand. You can also personalize the bottle was writing a small text on the glass.

  • The message in a bottle you get extras like roses, teddy bear, chocolates, etc.

  • We send it to any population of Spain in 24 h by MRW. Shipping rates in the Spain is 3.00 €

    ( Except Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands )

  • Shipments on the island of Ibiza can be the same day 

  • For international shipments, we can not guarantee a specific delivery date, as it is sent by POST and evening between 7 and 10 days depending on the destination country. You have to select the approximate delivery date shipping charge is 15 €.

Flowers ( we send to Spain and International )
  • Any floral item can be delivered the same day to all Spain. And at 24 h international shipments. Should not there be some flowers that compose the floral work is replaced by a similar. If the change is very substantial customer if advised.


  • Shipping rates in the Spain is 3.00 €

  • Shipping rates ninternationals order € 10,00
Gourmet Assortments (Only available for the Island of Ibiza )
  • In this section we put customer service a wide range of gourmet products allowing you to find easy and comfortable delights that make food from Spain.
    We distribute our products daily, because we have a network of own vehicles.

    We offer gourmet gift packs, Christmas hampers and picnics for composite boats and exclusive products of the highest quality, always with exquisite and original presentation.

  • We send it to any population of Spain in 24 h by MRW. The delivery is included

    ( Except Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands )

  • Shipments on the island of Ibiza can be the same day
Breakfasts (Only available for the island of Ibiza)

  • We offer the possibility of a nice way to surprise your partner, friend or family member with a breakfast at home.

  • You can choose from breakfast for one person or two people, with coffee or chocolate milk, sweet or savory, or you can customize.

  • Only available for the island of Ibiza

  • For shipping outside of Ibiza using the service 

You can pay by credit card or debit both the web and by phone, bank transfer, postal order, Western Union or paypal.

......and of course if you have any slightest doubt, call us or send an email to, and you will be delighted.

Thank you very much for trusting us.

Felix Ruiz                                                                                 Nuria López
Dpt. Ventas                                                                             Dpt. Diseño