La botella de Nur ®  ( The Nur's Bottle )

Bottle Nur is a family business based on the island of Ibiza.

Since 2001 we are dedicated to sending flowers to reach across the country.

We wanted to introduce new products to the catalog, and noting that many of our customers had the need to write more than four words on a card, we came up with the idea to rescue this ancient method of messaging.

We must recognize that we are not the first to have this idea, but if we can ensure all our models message in a bottle are handmade, one by one with all the love in the world. It's a unique and fun way to send a message to your partner, friend and family.

We started this project two years ago with a model to test the result, and today we have over 30 different models, which all along have been sent to hundreds of people.

We are so confident of doing our job we hired eKomi feedback for you once the order delivered, customers can evaluate the service. All opinions are real both positive and negative (which some will be)

We are completing the catalog with other products you can combine messages in a bottle.

Madrid: Floristeria de Agavanzal Floristería 24H, c / Fernández de los Ríos número 61, 28015.
Barcelona: Emi Floristería, c / Navas de Tolosa, nº 300, 08027
Oviedo Floristería Campos, c / Padre Aller, Nº 1, 33012
Alicante: Bambú Floristería,  Plaza viñedo Nº 3 03012
Rota: Flroisteria La regadera, c / Higuereta nº 51, 11520
Granada: Florista Nerine, c / Nueva Virgen, nº 10, 18005